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First Few Days with React

Why Learn React? - I started learning React for a few reasons. Number one: coding and learning are fun. It is something I enjoy doing. Days I get to write code are always good days. Number two: React is a popular JavaScript library created by Facebook. Knowing React makes me that much better of a hire. I am already familiar with Angular so why not take things a step... Read More

I’m Not Dead Yet!

I Feel Haappyyy - I love Monty Python and the Holy Grail. One of my many favorite scenes is this clip: It is the olden days, and a guy is pushing around a cart to collect the dead to get them out of the city. Another guy walks up, old man slung over his shoulder, to put the old man on the cart. Guy: Here’s one... Read More

Flatcasts — My Final Project for Flatiron School

Angular on Rails - The final project for Flatiron School was to create an app using an Angular front-end and a Rails back-end. This was everything daunting I thought it would be and everything rewarding about getting it finished. There is also the extra bit of rewarding nature knowing it is something that will be useful for the other students. As is tradition, I took me some time to... Read More

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Flatcasts is my final Project for Flatiron School. It is an Angular and Rails app created to be a one-stop shop for all of Flatiron's lectures. You can read about its creation on my blog.


Travsto is a Rails app built for my Rails assessment with Learn Verified. It is my first Rails app that was not simply following a tutorial. Travsto is a place for users to easily share their travel stories.


While building my Sinatra app, I didn't find anything that had the functionality of rails new app-name that I liked. At the suggestion of one of my instructors, I forked Hazel and made my own.

Cook This Way

Cook This Way is a recipe site built on Sinatra. I made it for my Learn Verified Sinatra Assessment. It allows a visitor to view and search recipes, sign in with Facebook, add and edit recipes, and make a recipe their own.

CLI Data Gem

I made this gem as part of Learn Verified. It was the final project for the Object Oriented Ruby section. It was fun, challenging, clever?? You can read all about the process and challenges I faced on my blog.


I am a web developer with experience in Ruby on Rails and JavaScript using both jQuery and Angular. I am currently living in Los Angeles, CA. My wife and I moved out here last year from the blistering desert of Las Vegas. I always thought living in southern California would be cool but ultimately it was about keeping the Mrs. happy. Wise man once said, "Happy wife, happy life."

My wife can attest to me being both a romantic and a goofball. I love hard ciders. I find great enjoyment in movies that are so bad they are good. I enjoy wasting time and getting lost in a video game. Much to the disappoint of my friends, I once again won our fantasy football league. I am also taller than 99% of people. Yes, I use to play basketball.

I embarked on the journey of being a web developer after buying a StackSocial deal for Coder Manual's Web Developer Bootcamp with Rails. I have always had a bit of a fascination with coding but never thought much of making it a career. Back when my family first got a computer in the mid 90s, I learned some basic HTML but CSS seemed too foreign of a concept. I played around with one of the Cs once but that lasted all of five minutes.

After doing the self-taught route for a few months, I decided to join a bootcamp. I did lots of research and decided to attend Flatiron School's online campus. I am so glad I chose them. I enjoyed the learning process, the great community, the accessibility of the instructors, and all the other little extras. It was a challenging experience but after a dedicated four months, I have submitted my final project. I learned way more than I did through the various self-taught avenues I had previously pursued.

Programming has become a passion and something I love doing. It is not unusual for me to look up at the clock and see I meant to go to bed hours ago. I am happy to have finished Flatiron School and look forward to learning more on the job. I have several web app ideas that I cannot wait to spend the time building.

Follow my journey on my blog, connect with me on Twitter and LinkedIn, and feel free to reach out through the below form to get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you!